Commercial Buildings Laminates

Whether you are a;

  • Designer
  • Architect
  • Contractor
  • Business Owner

The staff at EPG Kenya Limited helps you understand the benefits and usage of bullet retentive laminates for glass by enlightening you on it effectiveness at keeping your customers, property, employees and passersby safe. This also including a great reduction on insurance premiums for your specific industry and how they are designed for;

Commercial Buildings - Offices, Hotels & Retail Outlets ensuring increased Business through Client Security Confidence

Anti-Ballistic resistance to Bomb Explosions for Ground Floors, protecting security personnel and empowering them handle emergencies with equal force.

Safety of Staff & Property from flying shard fragments within the building.

General Public incurring little or no injury from flying shards.

UV Rejection up to 99%; 92% visible light transmission and 17% solar energy rejection ensuring safer working environment.