Overview of our Clientele

EPG Kenya Limited has partnered with Bannerbridge PLC UK in tandem with Pro-tect Security Systems UK and CJ Buffer from the USA to distribute and install PSS & CJ Buffer Safety and Security Laminates in the entire East and Central Africa Region. EPG Ltd has been awarded exclusivity in the East African market to supply and install state of the art security laminates within our product range, making EPG Ltd the go to glass security solution providers.


  1. Government Agencies
    • United Kingdom
    • Australian Govt
  2. Corporates
    • Liquid Telecom
  3. Motor Vehicle Dealers
    • RMA Motors
    • Jaguar
    • Range Rover
  4. Financial Services Sector
  5. Hospitals
  6. Schools and Universities
  7. Jewellery Industry

Installations must be performed only by our trained technicians.