Anti-banditry Laminate

When it comes to structural integrity, glass forms a highly vulnerable and potentially weak point in regard to security concerns. EPG Ltd range of Anti-banditry laminates seeks to address this problem with the provision of laminates that are designed to prevent or deter break-ins and vandalism activities. Our line Anti-banditry laminates aim to take away the most important facet in a robbers/vandals arsenal, TIME.

Anti-banditry laminates are designed to take multiple heavy impacts from objects wielded by thieves/vandals. The laminate bonds with the glass surface to make it almost impregnable, resisting extreme force for up to 15-30min. This gives the potential client time to take the appropriate action and alert the authorities to respond to the situation. The Anti-banditry laminate is a modern, state of the art security measure to archaic alternatives like grills and bars, allowing the client to keep the aesthetic appeal of one’s home or commercial space as well as motor vehicle.